Ecology, health, care, fairness and justice are the four basic principles of organic farming. In the organic production of saffron, the same as all other organic products, it has to follow the four mentioned principles. Organic saffron producer measure the soil fertility through completely natural inputs and replaces the use of chemical pesticides with suitable agronomic methods. Therefore, in addition to taking care of the soil and ecology of the farm, it will also take care of the final product consumed by the consumer. The new, innovative, and at the same time ecologic and environmental preserver methods which are used by organic saffron producers, will also help the farm community. Soil health, plant health, and finally the health of consumers of organic products are all the issues which a saffron farmer will consider through implementation of organic laws and regulations regarding all stakeholders. In addition to being in a clean environment and not being polluted with chemicals, Farm workers have good living conditions during their stay and work on the farm, and they will be cared regarding the living conditions, such as proper accommodation, fair and non-gender discrimination, especially in male-to-female payments.