Quality in Novin Saffron

The chemical constituents crocine (responsible for the color) and picrocrocin and saffrranal (responsible for the taste and aroma) are regularly tested and measured in all the saffron we process, so that we can guarantee that the contents of every package leaving our warehouses meet the specified criteria. In addition, all our saffron is meticulously tested and controlled for absolute purity and hygiene.

The purity, quality and hygiene desired and expected by the consumer of this precious product are not just a matter of control at Novin Saffron company but the policy, responsibility and plan of the management and personnel of all the departments. The product traceability system we employ enables us to be completely answerable to you. A reference number is recorded on all packaging, consignment documents, etc. for each individual order so that all the relevant information such as the origin of the saffron, test results and names of personnel responsible is available.
To us quality control means that we can trace the contents of every package we sell back to the field from which it came.