Research Center

Heart of Novin Saffron, the R&D department is a center for fundamental research with excellent ability in science and technology.
From 2000 (about many years ago), we have expanded our products from just saffron to new mixed saffron products for basic research to meet the new demands of our customers. This has included a much greater research effort in nutrition and formulation, which has made us a world leader in the field today.
In Novin Saffron, customers' demands define the company’s strategy for product and process innovation and renovation. Our business units are linked to the individual markets on one side and to our R&D department on the other.
Apart from contributing in a very real way to the improvement of existing saffron products and development of new ones, our R &D center is an active player in the international world of science.

The Novin Saffron research center, with long experience in saffron, and with the goals of innovation meeting the potential needs of consumers, and making optimum use of resources, has started for the first time in the world the creation and industrial production of different saffron products.

Saffron dessert powder, saffron crème caramel powder, saffron beverage powder, saffron cake mix, saffron cream powder, saffron batter powder, different semi-ready to use saffron soups and different saffron spice mixtures for a variety of uses are some of the new saffron products.

E-mail us at rd@novinsaffron.com